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Strange POI landclaim/heatmap/screamers


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So, me and my friends play Ravenhearst, and theres a huge skyscraper called "Sky Diner"

This restaurant is about 140 blocks high with an elevator in the middle and only a room at the very top.

The weird thing is, when i put a landclaim block all the way up there, even on ground level i still see my stuff being places within land clam distance. BUT it's 140 blocks lower!

This also counts for outser pillars that aren't actually touching the structure we're in.

Is it possible our heatmap is also extending down, causing a spam of screamers? Normally this isn't the case because when we dug in, or were in the underground military missile base we didn't have this much screamers. and we're only day 6 so not much stuff yet...


Or is it a mechanic in MP mode to prevent people from taking big POI's? If so, would this be solved by switching to SP?


I hope someone has some answers, because I can't seem to see the heatmap in debug mode either.

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I know that building :)

Land claim blocks and the heat map extend both all the way up and down.


As for your military base - hard to say but guessing that 'you haven't been there that long' for the heat in the area to get to 100. At that point the screamers will come. Could be that its in two or more chunks.


Please note that not only does the forge, camp fires cause heat, but many things that have a noise associated with it cause heat too.


Isn't that 'elevator' in the center the 'hatch cheat'?


Data from War of the Walkers:

Opening or closing a Scrap Iron Hatch does cause heat: "heat_map_strength="0.05" and yes I know you're talking about Ravenhurst but WotW is the only one I have data for at the moment. Not sure if a wooden hatch does the same, but its possible. So multiplying that 0.05 by 140 gets you 7... Going up 10 times gets you to 70, in a possible very short amount of time especially if there are many players with you!

The player landing 'hard'/'heavy' can also increase the amount of heat: heat_map_strength="0.05" But I do not know 'the mechanics' of when the system says that 'a player' lands 'heavy.'


So I would imagine that's what you're experiencing - going up that 'ladder'/'elevator' and possibly having other heat sources is what's causing you to see screamers.


To show the heat map:

F1 to bring up the 'command console.'

Then type in "DM" and hit enter. Then close the window by F1 again.

Then hit F8 twice. You should see 3 lines to the far left side of your window. The 3rd line is what you're wanting to see:

The first number is "Heat" and the 2nd is "Chunk." If you see 100 or more in the area of that building - then you know you're going to get screamers.

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