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This game needs more bugs!!!


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What this game seriously needs is some repugnant, mutated giant zombie cockroaches.


They spawn from ground and rock in darkness. Yes, even underground. Especially underground. They shy away from light (unless they smell food).


They bite for 5-10 damage, and spread infection on hit.


They can move through wooden doors and partial structures. They navigate across spike traps with ease, taking no damage.


They will eat crops from unlit fields, with disgusting sound. They will even eat the player's raw (uncanned) foodstuffs from inside secure chests and storage boxes if left unchecked.


Did i already mention how disgusting they are?


They are difficult to hit, being so small and agile. Luckily they can be lured away with crates full of rotten meat.

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Sorry about spamming my own thread, but i just came up with another, even more disturbing idea. You know how these buggers live in the ground? Well, every time you hit dirt with your shovel, there is a small chance you provoke a roach to spawn out from the block you're messing with.


Sometimes, there is also a miniscule chance of hitting a colony. You will feel the hurryness of your feet when a dozen angered insects swarm on you all of a sudden.

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