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Traders Suddenly have No Rare Loot


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I've been running back and fourth between the traders for quite a few in-game weeks buying all the Bandit Gas Masks, Swat Helmets, and Military Helmets I've found, i also bought one military vest and looted another one off a zombie cop. Now all of a sudden the traders have no bandit or military gear in their stock what'so'ever and i can't understand why. Went to all 5 Traders in one day and they all had absolutely nothing. Could it be that the game is detecting that I've had a high frequency of high end loot and is trying to slow my progression down? I have secret stash level 3 and barter skill 100.

Also a side note is that I've noticed some of the items i've sold to the traders have stayed their regardless of their restocks, could that be tied to it at all? Thanks in advance.

Just looking for info/input on this is all. any help would be appreciated.

I'm on the Xbox One as well.

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Seems like you understand what's going on even if you aren't certain.


Traders have their scheduled restock day, and it doesn't restock all items or completely change inventory. If you have sold 3 pistol barrels to a given Trader, there is a chance he will remove 1 from stock and a small chance he will remove more than that, meaning that he may or may not buy more pistol barrels after restock. It would work the same with your military armors, bandit armors, etc. There is only a chance for more to be added on restock. It's never a sure thing. I can tell you from playing on PC and viewing the configuration files that some traders specialize in certain types of goods, like weapons at one, tools at another...


Also note, the only map that should have only 5 traders is Navezgane, so if you're playing on Random Gen map, keep searching. There should be more traders.


If there are certain areas you travel through often, put 1 piece of junk in each container to protect the loot reset timer. Maybe you have noticed that going back through an area, if you find a container that isn't EMPTY, taking out the loot that's in there and waiting a second or 2 will reset the container to UNTOUCHED while everything around it stays empty. The reason why is that Empty containers reset their timer when you travel through that area. So leaving something in each one can increase your chances of finding more loot later by preserving the loot reset timer.

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