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[PS4] Recovered corrupt save file from cloud after crash


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Game Type: Private game

Map Type: Random Gen

Seed/Save Name: Solo 116

Disk or Digital: Disk

DLC: None

Character: madmole

Difficulty: Warrior

Run: Default

Aggression: Normal

Day length: 291


Hi, just to let you know that I had another crash that resulted in a corrupt save file. The PS4 retrieved a back-up from cloud storage and I did lose hardly any progress at all. I was playing for about 2 hours and moved from my house several kilometers to the place where I am building a castle from reinforced concrete. I was busy building one of the towers (64 blocks rebar per level, both cubes and ramps, and then upgraded to reinforced concrete) and was about 8 levels up when the crash occured. I have noticed that crashes seem to occur when I move around on the minibike across the map and not so much when I stay in a limited area.


(Crash dump submitted via PS4 as usual)

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Hi Clare,


I am not on an exploration mission and a lot of the map is already visible, but most of the times I will cut across (small) sections that are not visible. I will check next time and pass only the visible areas to see if a crash occurs.

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Update moving around


Hi Clare,


Update regarding crashes:

First I went from my home to my castle cutting some small areas that were not visible on the map yet. I built for over an hour and nothing happend. After completing building I drove back home across known areas, went back home, after that visited to traders and drove to my horde night base. No new areas were uncovered, but I did get a crash in the horde base (no corrupt file notification btw)

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Horde base spikes


Hi Clare,


The horde base consits of a reinforced concrete box 20 by 12 blocks. Surrounding it is first a row of steel log spikes (68 because of a door) and then a row of wood spikes (78). There are 14 fixed lights (both industrial lights and lights on the ceiling) and 4 mobile spotlights. The horde base is in the middle of a town and three buildings around it have been leveled (otherwise zombies tend to get stuck in them).


Today I had another crash in town after 1 hour and 45 minutes of play, not in or near the horde base itself, but in a store a store a couple of POI-positions away. (The horde base was built on a empty plot of land, next to it was a bandit type settlement which I leveled. That settlement lies on a cross roads and diagonally across the crossroads is the store where I had the crash. I started the session several kilometers away and travelled through some parts that I had not explored before. After visiting a trader I went to the horde base to count the spikes. I then went to my home which is not too far from the horde base to do some farming and concrete mix production. Then on the morning of the next horde night (day 308) I went to the town to loot it and fix some damage to the spikes for horde night. I drove on the north part of the town, I did not visit the horde base, but I think it must have at least partially loaded before I went to the store where I had the crash.

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Hi TheCheeta,


While 14 lights is starting to push the limits (10 in a small area was increase lag a little in some players cases) If they're facing out and not overlapping much then it'll be less so.


If you stand at the shop, and pan around, do you experience any hitching or lag as you pan past the base at all?


It sounds like there could be a build up somewhere in the cache that might be causing this. In my experience the items I mentioned before have been the case for others, but it may not be the case for you.


It may be worth sending your save our way so the team can have a look at it and see if we can narrow down what the cause could be and if there's any workarounds they can suggest for what's happening.


If you'd like to send on your save here are the steps to do so:


1) Turn on PS4

2) Insert an External USB Drive into one of the 2 USB ports on the front of the PS4.

3) In the main menu, go to “Settings”

4) Click on “Application Saved Data Management”

5) Select “Saved Data in System Storage”

6) Select "Copy to USB Storage Device"

7) Select 7 Days to Die

8) Select all files and press "Copy"

9) Wait until transfer is complete

10) Remove External Drive

11) Zip up all files copied to USB drive including ".bin" and "Profile" files

12) Upload the files to your Dropbox or other cloud file service

13) Email the download link to [email protected] with your forum user name so I can match the issue

14) Let me know from here that you've sent it as that address is unmanned and I'll need to retrieve the file.


Thank you,


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Hi Clare,


I tested the view to the base from the shop, but I get no lag at all (it is now 07:15 in the morning, so daylight). The scrolling is really smooth.


I have copied the savedata and sent you the link to the requested mailbox. If you have any further questions or things I can test please me know.

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