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Trader shows wrong content after sale

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Game Type: Private game

Map Type: Random Gen

Seed/Save Name: Solo 116

Disk or Digital: Disk

DLC: None

Character: madmole

Difficulty: Warrior

Run: Default

Aggression: Normal

Day length: 291


The trader has several categories with goods shown at the top of the trading list. When you select a category those goods are displayed. If a trader does not have goods in a category that category is not shown on the top of the trading list.

When I sell an item from a category for which the trader does not have any goods, e.g. the category is not shown and I click on the last category in the list, secret stash, then I do not see the secret stash. The categories have updated and the secret stash is shifted to the right. On the position where the secret stash was is now another category, usually the one with the item you just sold and that one is selected. So it looks like the game determines which position in the list with categories you clicked, but then first updates the list of categories for the goods you have just sold and then selects the list item in the spot where the secret stash was.

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Hi TheCheeta,


Thank you for reporting this and for giving so much detail, I shall pass this onto the team for investigating.



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