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game keeps crashing


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Please help I keep getting error ce-34878-0 after about ten seconds into my game.....driving me nuts.


I have no backups.


Think I just posted.....but im not sure even this forum has glitches.

Asked for a pregix in general support when there was none to choose.

Anyways......please help

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Hi Blaze,


Unfortunately the error code the PS4 gives just tells us that the game crashed. Can you give me more information on the issue:


Do you auto updates set up on your PS4 / is your PS4 completely up to date? If it is, was the update recent / before this started happening?

Can you confirm you are running 7DTD version 1.18?

Can you get into the save file at all or is the game crashing in the menu?

Have you cleared the cache of the console by shutting down and unplugging for 5 mins before rebooting?

Do any other games / saves show the same error code?


Thank you,


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