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Multiplayer off line


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Please help!!!!!

My boyfriend and I have been playing for 2 weeks now together no online. Ok he is player one and where all the data is saved to but every time I go to sign in it sets up a new profile making me start all over. I CANT DO IT AGAIN. We tried to delete the old profile the ones I kids did when they played but it just keeps setting up new ones and not giving me a chance to pick which profile I want to use. Is this a glich or something I'm doing wrong.

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is this for a Console?


PC Multiplayer is ONLINE. Dedicated server to include LAN.


Shared PC?

-if yes, each user has a separate log in to steam?

-if separate user steam login? there lies your problem a game is saved to BF log in, and unless you use his account you cannot access his saved game.


Separate PC?

-joined his game via a "Join Game" through steam? there again is your answer. Your BF needs to be online for his saved game to appear and you join his game.



I'm not keen on Console, only PC (host a server well over a year now).

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