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  1. I run into this problem as well on my DediServer. Happens when bringing up CM. For me it does not disappear until I log out, and log back in. Even if I tele away for a new chunk to load, then return to the build, these are still on screen. Mine appear blue though.
  2. Agreed it seemed efficient | faster that way
  3. similar to protect command where you will need the loc for 2 diagonal corners of the area you want to change example air. however this command needs the "Y" coords which correlates to "height from bedrock". example on my server I used: bc-block fill 2412 0 -7119 2330 75 -7035 air it filled the entire area and the entire height (75 blocks) from bedrock with air. it did remove all prefabs in the predetermined area.
  4. When using loc command console prints on the second line, as an example: Location: 1234 56 7890 The first 4 numbers are the X (1234) , the last 4 are the Y (7890). Disregard any decimals it may print. The middle is not used for protect command as it refers to something esle.
  5. Use the make shift diagram below Note the Positions of either A, D or B, C. For example I am using the coords of locations A,D: 1776 (x), 9 (z), 2115 (y) and 1738 (x2), 9 (z2), 2157 (y2); We only need (x) (y) (x2) (y2). To Protect: in console type: protect 1776 2115 1738 2157 true To Disable: protection in console type: protect 1776 2115 1738 2157 false in protect help it states: true = protect/ enable; false= disable protection; show= count blocks protected
  6. /sarcasm Stream Team whats that? Since the announcement of this becoming a thing has lowered my interest in watching YouTube and Twitch. Why? Because hearing them not knowing how to work stuff in game is a joke, specifically when supposedly you've around for a while. Personally watching anyone outside the dev team showcase the progress is a waste.. Pimps, continue to do a great job, many of us are waiting patiently for you to release updates when you feel it has come to that point.
  7. thanks @Catalysm. CSMM is looking more like the prior SM I admired most CBSM. Do I recommend CSMM, Yes! So far, I've Not had issues of this SM staying disconnected like another SM I also run. Keep up the great work on this project.
  8. Hell YEA this sounds Bomb-diggity!! Thanks
  9. this by far is a favorite. With your plans to have a player tracking is the icing on the cake. Thanks Stompy =)
  10. freakii

    Server Managers

    does any of these SM's track players (display via alloc's map) like CBSM could at one point in time? this would help in event of grievers / hackers (not saying we see much) I have been watching all SM's; currently running RAT with BCM API. the new server tools now has code to log locations which is helpful.
  11. freakii

    Server Tools

    Glad to see someone is trying to help work on this.. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?77267-Servertools-updated-to-5-5&p=761392#post761392 bravo on his first released update.
  12. freakii

    SMX - By Sirillion

    thanks, so I found that I needed to install the modified dll for 16.4 to enable that window.. which means disabling EAC.. is there another way to do this in a16.4 without the modified dll? thanks
  13. freakii

    SMX - By Sirillion

    hi Sirillion, I am planning to give your SMX another try; I have not used since, alpha 15 I think, when this version was just coming out.. I kept getting nullref errors, and server failed to load problems- then.. been hearing a lot of feedback that this have become easier to install, and not much issues.. I do have a question though.. I would really like to add a small area on screen that displays a web address; I know it will not be hyperlinked, my plan for this is to remove this address from welcome and periodic server messages; thus having it permanently displayed (sure small annoyance for players, but they cannot complain they don't know how to reach admins).. If this is possible, based on the screenshots for smx.. adding a small window just left of game version number would be ideal in my case.. how would I go about doing this?
  14. freakii

    Simple UI Plus

    i understand.. I honestly used link from other thread, that is why I am baffled.. since links are correct.. extremely lost for words.. LOL anyway time for me to "put out the fire" on my server.
  15. freakii

    Simple UI Plus

    ok, so since you've confirmed my issue is actually this Plus version that was erroneously downloaded via link in other thread.. My fix lies in step #4 of Dedicated Server Build? which is to download this same version and at minimum install the AssemblyC# file.. This is the fix to make players STOP losing their inventory on log out.. in that case I'll stick with SimpleUI (other thread) thanks though
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