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Zombies quit spawning!


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Hi Jennifer,


Please note you were posting on a thread from August 2016. Necroposting / revival of old posts is against forum rules - Your best bet when you found a similar issue, is to link an older post in a new thread you create and give as much information as possible. Because multiple patches have been released since that original post was made, your issue could be different / have a different cause.


Please give me as much information as possible about your save and when you noticed the Zombies were missing, you can use the guide provided to help list the info - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?47268-IMPORTANT-Please-read-BEFORE-posting


Additionally, what console are you playing on and have you cleared the cache of the console recently? (shutting down completely and unplugging for 5 mins before rebooting), in the past clearing the cache of the console helped players in this regard.



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