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how to make blocks modded way points .

random person

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How important are these contents of this chest that you need to mod it so you can find it? Only possible way I can think of for you to be able to find this chest would be to change the chest texture to an old fridge to help find it.



dont forget to back up your original blocks file


copy and replace this code using notepad++.


<block id="639" name="cntSecureStorageChest">
	<property name="CreativeMode" value="Player"/>
	<property name="Class" value="SecureLoot"/>
	<property name="CustomIcon" value="cntChest01"/>
	<property name="Material" value="wood+wood"/>
	<property name="StabilitySupport" value="false"/>
	<property name="Shape" value="ModelEntity"/>
	<property name="Texture" value="293"/>
	<property name="Model" value="Entities/LootContainers/fridgePrefab"/>
	<property name="MultiBlockDim" value="1,2,1"/>
	<property name="IsTerrainDecoration" value="true"/>
	<property name="FuelValue" value="300"/>
	<property name="HandleFace" value="Bottom"/>
	<property name="ImposterExchange" value="imposterQuarter" param1="154"/>
	<property name="LootList" value="10"/>
	<property class="RepairItems">
		<property name="wood" value="20"/>
	<drop event="Harvest" name="wood" count="5" tool_category="Harvest"/>
	<drop event="Harvest" name="nail" count="5" tool_category="DisassembleHammer"/>
	<drop event="Destroy" name="wood" count="5" tool_category="Harvest"/>
	<drop event="Fall" name="woodDebris" count="1" prob="0.75" stick_chance="1"/>
	<property name="LPHardnessScale" value="8"/>
	<property name="DowngradeBlock" value="cntStorageChest"/>
	<property name="Group" value="Basics,Building"/>
	<property name="DescriptionKey" value="cntSecureStorageChestDesc"/>
	<property name="EconomicValue" value="10"/>
	<property name="EconomicBundleSize" value="10"/>
	<property name="SellableToTrader" value="false"/>

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