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Recipe -1 +1 -10 +10 buttons


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I'd like to see +1, +10 and +100 and +all. There's no need to have a "reverse" button. That effect can just be achieved by doing a special-click on the + buttons, maybe RMB or Shift-LMB or Ctrl+LMB. But yes, being able to start crafting a [I]lot[/I] of WoodFrames from the Planks I have without comitting them all to the task (so that I still have some Planks left to upgrade the frames that I place) would be nice. My current procedure is to drop one or two stacks of Planks before I start the +all WoodFrame crafting, then I quickly pick up the dropped Planks. But it shouldn't [I]have[/I] to be that way.
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