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Multiplayer is Broken


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I cant host games at all, every time i try to join people terrain does not load, and i cant interact with anything, or i disconnect, this has been a problem since release, you honestly need to fix this ongoing issue, start focusing on console issues we payed for the game to... Cant even play with my friends.. Nat is open, UpnP is on, i have a wired connection 50mb down, 10mb up, i play every other game fine, this is not a internet problem, this is a 7DTD problem. Get your ♥♥♥♥ together devs.

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Hi D3man,


I am sorry you are having issue with multiplayer. There is an issue in multiplayer connections that effects some players that the team are continuing to work on after the initial fix was released. However, because of the multiple factors involved in connections for players, pinpointing the cause and subsequently the fix is taking some time. Each game connects to multiplayer in their own way so what could be a factor for 7DTD may not be a factor for other games. The team have not given up on this issue, it also should be noted the console team and the PC team are separate.


In the mean time I can try to help you troubleshoot getting connected. For example, one method that has proven successful for some players is broadcasting their wifi or internet connection through another device so there is something between the router and the game ie:


router > wifi/wired > Laptop/Tablet/Phone > wifi broadcast > console


While I understand this is not ideal, it had helped a lot of players. Similarly others have said placing a router between the main hub and the console also helps though I have only received a couple of comments on this.


Both myself and the team understand the frustration that this issue can cause for players, however I ask that when posting you do so in a respectful manner.


Thank you,


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