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exploding Death bug


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I was only one in my groupd that didnt die and some how taking a shopping cart apart I blew up has the host crash..when I log back with host I was alive and finish the cart and was heading back and just blew up standing still not walking...no mines and than second time it happen when I was resting on a building and just blew up ......I have nothing that can blow up and no way it was a mine when I wasnt moving....kinda sucks though for blowing up no reason...xbox one console

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Hi Darkhive,


Sorry you are having issues with death bugs. For the exploding death, is there any evidence of explosions (as if there were mines) of damage to the surrounding area? Divets in the ground, blocks losing health etc. What did the deaths look like, did players just collapse, or did it play out entirely like an explosion without the mines?


Can I get the details of the save, including type and save name, and the coordinates where this occurred?


Thank you,


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