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Barrett 50cal


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Hey guys thought I’d share this one not sure if it’s been done already but here is my take on it


I have coded in a working Barrett 50cal no specific model with icons

However the temp stand in for it is just the standard rifle and So is it’s sounds


Features so far: (may change in future)

1. Reduced rounds per stack (100)

2. Increased change of dismemberment (0.10-0.25)

3. Damage (69-110) but may increase

4. Full set of icons (exception of barrett50_parts my icon won’t load but the pistol icon will??)

5. Slowed reload time (3s) but may increase

6. 5 clip mag

7. 200meter firing range actually 180/190 game won’t allow any further after testing on my firing range of 220 meters although it would be that distance if firing at an angle within the loaded chunks area

8. Only works with 50cal bullets


Features to introduce

1. Movement Speed reduce buff (same degree wether in tool belt or bag)

2. Running stamina degradation increase buff (same degree wether in tool belt or bag)

2,1. Maybe a buff that’ll reduce stamnia regen when walking

3. Low rifle training level may incur a reduced accuracy and slight damage to player under assumption that it’ll be held wrong

4. Minimum rifle training level to assemble

5. (For new order modded server) you cannot make this weapon it bust be found

6. Ammo can only be found by loot

7. Add artwork to replace standard rifle

8. Add sounds to again replace the rifle

9. Increased accuracy when crouched

10. Improve icons to remove the white backgrounds and look more refined like the icons in game ( I’m not sure how to do this one can anyone help on this?)


Features depending on alpha additions

1. Improved accuracy when prone

2. Rounds damage and pass through wood and weak walls


That’s all I have so far

I shall soon upload a working video of it

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