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[Moved from https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?57430-MD5-Error-information by Clare]


I know I'm a year late but this remains the top search result for this problem, and to the best of my knowledge people are still being plagued by the md5 glitch and losing their bases, so I'll try to keep this short and sweet.


I am on the xbox one and the difficulty, map, amount of players playing, does not seem to matter even in local play, the game will always crash and things will reset. I will mention that I have tried the erase and resync from cloud trick, and it worked up untill I loaded the main menu screen of the game without doing it, to be punished severely with a base erase. I am only human, I forget things. So whether or not it actually works, i dont know. But what actually was the cause of the md5 was my concern, and is why I am here. And hopefully in combination with the resync trick people will lose fewer bases.


Firstly and most importantly is if your campfire is on when the game crashes there is a really good chance that everything within roughly 20 blocks of it will be erased and reset from bedrock to sky block. I highly recommend you cook your food and drink elsewhere far from your base. Be sure to take your cooking tools out too, if you can't replace them yet.


Secondly are Burnt trees, the big 1200 ones and the smaller ones will both eventually respawn taking with them everything within about 20 block from bed rock to sky block. I reframe from cutting them down to insure nothing is built there.


Lastly and a little more rare of an instance is fertilized ground with more than one piece of fertilizer in it. Though it seems to reset a much smaller area. If I accidentally plant 2 in one spot I replace the ground with a dirt fragment.


I've lost 100s of hours of work and have dedicated a lot of time to figuring this out instead of just giving up. I simply love this game and I hate to see it's community suffer from such a nasty glich


I've started a game with these rules in place. And I'll see if I can make it md5 in a different way yet again and I will not be using the erase and resync trick.


Hope this helps.

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Hi Valthran,


I moved your post from the thread you posted in as it was an older thread. Please note that necroposting / revival of old threads is against forum rules. It's generally better to create a new thread, and then link back to the one you're referencing.


In case you have no seen it, there is a main MD5 error thread here that I update with info when it is passed to me from the team - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?50175-Known-Issue-Terrain-Rewriting-(MD5-Issue)


The workaround you mentioned where you cloud resync is time sensitive from what players have said, reloading the game will trigger XB1 to resync data, so doing it immediately after the crash seems to be a requirement. I do understand that it's easy to have it slip your mind when you want to get back into the game asap to finish what you were doing.


I appreciate you taking the time to pass on this info. I have heard a good number of players citing crafting stations as being at the centre of their resets, and the campfire being on is an interesting tip.


I had not heard of the burnt trees being a common factor in resets. Was this tree within your base or nearby when it reset? Have you stopped cutting down a reset tree and found that area is left untouched by the MD5 afterwards?


I know how frustrating this issue can be and as I said I appreciate you passing this info on. If you come across anything else you may find useful to the team or other players, please add it to this thread.


Thank you,


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