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Failed to connect to server. Try again later.


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Me and my brother have been playing quite a lot of 7 days to die xbox one recently, and it's all been working perfectly, but since yesterday, everytime i try and join his game, or he tries to join me, it just says 'Failed to connect to server. Try again later.' We've tried switching characters, power restarting the console, restarting the game, and many other solutions we found after a quick search on google. But none of them have worked. Is anyone else having this issue?



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Hi Harrison,


Is this still happening for you? I just want to rule out any possibility of XBL being down, or a blip in an internet connection.


If this is still occuring for you, please give me as much information as possible using the following list


Host or client:

Upload speed (while playing the game):

Download speed (while playing the game):



Wired or Wireless:

Number of consoles connected to same provider:


Did anything change about your internet setup in the past while? (system update, change of hardware or ISP provider or plan)



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7 days to die


We cannot connect to each others games since we paid for this game on xbox really sad because we all bought it together but always same thing failed to connect private gamesofficial games we justt cant connect please just get some kind of update out for bug fixes we dont need more content right now we need a game we can play !!!

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Hi Biggrizzly83,


Are you the brother TheHMeister69 mentioned above? If so, can you give me the same details I mentioned in the above post?


If you are not trying to connect to TheHMeister69, please create a new thread with those details and I will address your issue seperately so as to avoid confusion in threads.


Thank you,


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