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Drawbridge not showing as an option in workbench


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Hi everyone


I'm on Ps4. I started a private online game on navezgane in January 2018. I have progressed a lot and I'm level 200. I have maxed out crafting skills. My problem is that there isn't an option to build a drawbridge in the workbench menu. I've looked at many YouTube tutorials and read forums on drawbridge but but I cannot understand why it isn't showing up in my workbench menu. I have the latest version available on Ps4 UK. It's 1.17 I think.


What's going on?? This is so frustrating. Can someone help?





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Hi Marshfriend,


As ignoringmywife1 suggested, have you tried searching for the item specifically? or just in the items lists? I know I've certainly spent ages looking for something in the crafting stations before.


The current version is 1.18 but there should still be drawbridges in a 1.17 game anyway. I will need to have a look to see where exactly it appears in the menu.



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