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Xbox Gamertag change


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So I changed my gamertag on Xbox and now I cannot access my locked minibike, I'm guessing the game itself registers it to just your username rather than profile. Now my minibike is stuck in my house because I can't move it.


This bug doesn't seem to affect chests or crates, just locked minibike.

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Hi DeltaFox83,


Thank you for reporting this, its possible the minibikes use Username but chests etc use gamer IDs. I shall pass this onto the team so they can look into it.


In the mean time I think the breaking of the lock as the others suggested would probably be the easiest way to unlock and use the same bike.


Edit: just a thought, did you clear the cache after you changed your gamer tag? just on the off chance that might effect it, if the game hadn't registered the change. If the chests work, this is a small chance, but might be worth a shot.



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