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[PS4][CONTROLS] Keeps looking to the left while moving forward


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I am running 1.18. Bug has happened in multiple games both sp and mp, and multiple different settings.


Description of Bug:

While walking or running forward, my character will randomly look to the left without any input. Character will continue to slowly look left unless I correct it or stop running. It is only left, never any other direction. It is only when I am moving forward. This issue happens randomly, usually multiple times per minute if I'm running somewhere, but sometimes I can go for a while with no problem. It happens every time I play the game. I play other games using the same controller with no issues, like battlefield 1 and GTA V, so I don't think its a hardware issue.


Controls Settings:

Interface Sensitivity: about 95%

Look Sensitivity: about 50%

Invert Look: On

Vibration: On


Current game:

Game Type: Survival

Map Type: Random Gen

Seed/Save Name: Multicopter

Disk or Digital: Digital


Character: Aiden

Difficulty: Insane

Run: Default

Aggression: Normal

Day length: 16

Drop On Death: Delete All

Enemy memory: Very High

Enemy Spawning: 150

Block durability: 100

Loot respawn time: Disabled

Loot abundance: 100

Airdrops: 168

24 hour cycle: 50

In-game Day: 8

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Hi Top Ramen,


Thank you for the detailed bug report, I appreciate you taking the time to pass on this information including the controller settings, can you confirm for me you are using the controller that came with your PS4, a new one, or a 3rd party controller? Does it happen when the controller is plugged in too?


This is an issue the team are aware of but I will pass on the extra details you have provided. It is an uncommon report but something I have seen reported before. Unusually players are upgrading, placing or destroying blocks when it happens, but simply running is something I have not heard of before, especially if your character looks left rather than simply drifts left.


Is this something you have only noticed in 1.18? or have you only started playing in 1.18?


Again, thank you for the details you have provided,


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Hi Clare,


The controller I'm using did not come with the ps4, but it is an official Sony (first gen, not the new ones with the light in the touchpad). I tried it plugged in and wireless with the same result. I have been really paying attention to the problem now, and notice the following:


- It only happens when I give a 'look left' input and am moving forward, most noticeable when I give a very small input. Doesn't seem to happen unless I command a 'look left'

- most often the camera will stutter a couple times while looking left.

- occasionally I will look left and then let go of the right stick, but the camera will continue looking left slowly until I stop moving or give any other input on the right stick. If I stop moving, and don't give any other input and begin moving forward again, the camera will continue looking left until I stop moving again. This goes on until I give any other input with the right stick.

-Doesn't happen unless I'm moving forward.

-Happens randomly, not everytime I move, but always during the same circumstances I listed.

-Headshots are hard enough without this feature lol


Good luck thanks

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Hi TopRamen,


Thank you for all of that information and confirming what controller you are using. While this has been reported by players who don't use first gen, I have heard that first gen can cause drift in some games. I shall submit all your info to the team but in the mean time, if possible, you could try a non first get controller to see if that reduces the issue at all for you.


Thank you again for taking the time to give me all of this info, it is very much appreciated.


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