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Crashes and kicks


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Hi Irishsaiyan,


I am sorry you are having issues with the game kicking you. Can you please describe what leads up to you being kicked? Are you kicked to the game home screen or does it crash out to the XB1 dashboard?


Please also let me know how long you can typically play for before this happens.


Kind regards,


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Same issue




I too experience this quite frequently. To be honest it happens in various stages sometimes it'll happen when I'm playing by myself or sometimes it'll happen when my friend and I are playing in multiplayer and after a certain amount of time it'll crash. Returning both out to the main screen and then we'll have to restart the game and hope that both of us are able to join at the same time. On other occasions we will be playing on my friend's server or private game and after an hour of playing it'll crash bring everybody to the main screen or the whole menu and then we will load again and basically start just a few moments before the game crashed. On an average night we play a bit in within let's say 45 minutes to an hour hour and a half at most it's guaranteed to crash.

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Hi Ninjarzkl,


Are you playing on XB1 also or PS4?


If XB1, there is an issue the team are investigating that involves the game crashing at around the 2 hour mark - this has been reported as varying from player to player, as your own report also shows.


While the crash itself may be unavoidable for players, some things have been reported as possible speeding up the crashing time which players can try to reduce or avoid, these can include:


Excessive Torches, lights, candles in the one area (10+ of the toggle lights in particular can increase lag that leads to a crash) and Tree farms with a large number of trees growing together


You may find that you crash quicker if spread out on the map, especially if uncovering new areas. It appears the age of the save (around) and the amount of modifications to the world may also be a factor.


One thing players noticed recently is they would crash on day 2 of their game session, but they could extend the session by changing the length of the days.


Clearing the cache out before starting a session or after a crash is recommended. You can do this by unplugging the console for 5 mins before rebooting. If the menus in game starts to flicker this is an indicator of a crash and it is recommended you log out and clear the cache then if possible.


These crashes can also trigger MD5 errors. An MD5 error is when the area can be reset to Day 1 when the game fails to load save data correctly. The following is the best work around players have found for avoiding an MD5. Please note this is an unofficial workaround and as it involves deleting and re syncing data - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?69218-Possible-work-around-and-or-solution-to-md5-crashes(base-wipes-resets) - please also note this workaround is very time sensitive.


If playing on PS4, it is recommended you keep a regular backup in the cloud or on a USB stick.


If you do happen to be playing on PS4, please let new know more details about the crash and the area the host crashes in as there could be something building up the trigger. Regular crashing is uncommon on PS4.


If you have any further questions I will do my best to answer them.


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