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It seems I have a issue with the hospital and I have my Xbox one all updated....seems if I destroy and sofas in hospital and it's up freezing....it respawns the sofas and spawns sofas of wooden blocks where my storage containers was and I lose all stuff and of fire place of gorge it has empty block peice...so I have to move forge up one floor and had to move stuff far from each other or it happens...i am doing something wrong...happen 3 times now on first floor but not on any other level of hospital. Thanks darkhive2009

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Hi Darkhive,


Thank you for reporting this. Is this the hospital on Navezgane or a random map? if random, can you tell me the name of the save and the co-ordinates of the hospital in your game?


Were those wooden blocks there before your placed your items or was the area empty before?

Any chance of a screen shot / footage of this?

By freezing, do you mean the game is crashing and when you load back in the hospital is reset? This could be an MD5 error.

Have you made any other modifications to the hospital? Do they change at all?

Are you finding the areas are not resetting at all if your items are kept at a distance from your forge?


Thank you,


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