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pop goes the mini bike


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well, this is a fine mess. twice in the last 2 days, my wife's mini bike has gone missing only to be found in the most unusual of places. the first time, she had parket in the garage i had built for her and we found it, it was embedded in the roof of tha garage. the second time, she parked on a brick path in my garden only for it to end up 2 meters underground. ihave no clue what caused and i didn't think of getting a clip of it, but i did think it was something you should know about. if it happens again, i will try to remember to get a clip for you.

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Hi Thelek,


I am sorry to hear you are having issues with the minibike. There is a residual issue from the PC version that can cause the bikes to fall through the ground. If it falls through the world entirely, it is transported to the nearest open air spot, which if there is a building involved, is the roof. Embeded in the roof blocks however, sounds like it was not transported high enough.


If the bike falls underground but doesn't fall all the way past bedrock to cause the upwards transportation the marker will indicate where it is in the map (one of the reasons this marker was created and shared with PC). This can be a pain when it falls through the road or other tough materials. I would recommend where you can parking it on some wood frames as player built blocks can discourage the slipping underground.


I have also heard players saying that bikes made by one player, but used by another, can cause more issues. If your wife did not make her bike, I would recommend she take the bike apart and reassemble it as it could help.


Because the transport is not working properly, if you have a screen shot or clip of it stuck in blocks after being teleported please pass them on as I think the team would be interested to see them.


thank you,


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