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Still having issues with non-host players loosing progress


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Hi there,


Hope this is issue will be looked into again as this information is a year old and the issue still remains. Me and my friends still can’t olay this game as every time we try, once we log back in after starting, all the progress for them had lost and there is no point in continuing. Has a fix happened or has this simply been a forgotten issue?


Please let me know ASAP as we enjoy the game but never play it because of this.


Thank you

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Hi SolSpurs,


I moved your post to it's own thread from the one you had posted in necroposting (revival of older posts) is frowned upon on the forums and can end up with you flagged by mods. In future, please create a new bug report and link any older posts you may feel are relevant in the post you create.


This issue is still being worked on by the team. I understand the frustration this issue is causing players, and I will add your mention to the report for the team. Unfortunately some fixes take longer than others and this is one of the trickier bugs to fix. There have been reductions in the occurrences due to fixes the team have released but as reports are still coming in they are still looking to find what other causes there are and fix them too. I know this is not of great comfort when it still happens to you, but work is being done on this issue, it is most certainly not forgotten. Due to the nature of the bug I am unable to give an estimate on when it will be fixed.


Kind regards,


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