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So as some of you may have seen I just recently had a MD5 crash and have to start over (s♥♥t happens, but there may be a work around https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?59932-Possible-work-around-for-base-resets-on-Xbox-One). I'm new to the game and am a HUGE fan so far! I may have my original seed (solo) be salvageable since the prefab I had stuff on reset and am hoping the underground bunker I made a ways away was not affected. If it was then I'm starting over.


My question is what seeds have you guys/gals had the most success on? My original game was on Navezgane but I'm looking for a decent random gen. I read about 2 one of which is WnJ and the is 7Days1. If you have any suggestions leave them here! I'm a noob still so please make sure they are noob friendly :embarassed:, thanks!

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Try this thread:


Imho: there are no good and bad seeds. Only seeds that work with your playstyle and seeds that doesn't. And yes, with my playstyle seeds with lot's of water are very frustrating...


Thanks for this HoG! Krow has a pretty extensive list started and has plans for MUCH more. Great resource!

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