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problems on XBox One

Pur3 demon v

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Xbox One alpha 16 the game is still booting you dashboard you non-stop. This has been a problem for a long long time. That's not even the worst part. When you log back into your game, everything is all reset. All the hours of gaming on your game are gone in like a second. It's not my connection, and it's nothing to do with the ports. It's your damaged game. And on XBox there's nothing but people reporting it getting md5 error, dashboard, and booting you from the game. You can't join friends on a online game. I made all new worlds & things are fine for about half an hour, then bingo. But new dashboard, when you put a new dashboard in, you lose all the stuff.



All you care about is your PC. Really getting sick of this. You have to stop worrying about PC and putting new stuff into the game. Fix the problems that's making your game bad now. You had made your money so that's all you cared about and I've been reporting this problem just about 2 years so that goes to show that you don't care. Don't take my word for it: other people have complained about it as well.


Good luck on your game. On Xbox its status is a 2.6 rating. If it's not fixed, I want my money back. Microsoft has already been notified as well. And we want proof that you're actually taking care of this problem.



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Hi Pur3 demon v


The console version is separate to the PC version (two different teams) and is behind the PC version, so it is not Alpha 16. That is why the mod moved some of your posts from the PC section to the console section. The also removed some duplicate posts from other threads.


I am sorry to hear that your game is crashing to the dashboard, especially so frequently. The areas reverting to day 1 when you've logged back in is the MD5 error that can happen as a result for the crash. This issue is a high priority for the team. In case you have not yet seen it, information on this error and the work the team have been doing to remove the many triggers that can cause this can be found here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?50175-Known-Issue-Terrain-Rewriting-(MD5-Issue)


While a large number of triggers have been removed the team are still working on the triggers that remain, the most commonly reported one is the one that occurs after a crash. On XB1, players have found a workaround that I put at the end of the first post in the thread linked above. You can also find it here - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?69218-Possible-work-around-and-or-solution-to-md5-crashes(base-wipes-resets) - As this is an unofficial workaround, please use with caution. While I understand a workaround is not ideal, it is by no means an end solution, but rather a way to avoid the MD5 error while the team works on it. Again, as it involves deleting and restoring data, please use with caution.


For the crashes themselves, the average crash is about once every hour or so - I am not sure if yours is the same, it could be more or less time. Often as the game is coming close to a crash, there is an indicator of the menus flickering of glitching, if this occurs, quitting the game and hard resetting it before the crash happens, can also prevent MD5s and clear the cache of the console to prevent a quicker crash when loading back in. To clear the cache of the console - which some players would recommend doing before joining a session - shut down and unplug the console for 5mins before rebooting. I know this too is not ideal but it is one of the workarounds players have found works for them.


Large amounts of the same items in an area can also cause a build up in lag and sometimes cause crashes, these include light sources (toggle lights, torches and candles), Wood frame windows, tree farms (groups of trees planted by the player all growing together) and large amount of spikes. The controller consoles and pre-existing lights in some buildings like the factory can also cause this, so if you build your base in a building with them, removing them may help.


With regards to your issues of connecting to friends, I would need more information about your internet connection, if you would like to give me as much info as possible from the list below, I can see if anything sticks out that I can help you with:


Are you Host or Client:

Upload Speeds (while playing the game):

Download Speeds (While playing the game):

NAT type:

Wired or Wireless connection:

Internet Service Provider (ISP):

Router connected to console:

How many console connected to same router:


Again I am sorry you are having issues with the game, both the team and I understand how frustrating these issues are for players.


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