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MD5 - 16th game in a row


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Same @@@@ different game. Day 15, level 41. I now officially hate this game. Adding new things when the current game is so unstable as to be unplayable is a slap in the face to people who paid for it.


DS: Adventurer

ZR: Default

EA: Default

Day: 18

Drop: pack only

EM: 30

ES: Default

BD: 100

Loot: 5

LA: 100

AD: 24

24hr cycle: 120


I was mining a full 24 (16x16) block sets away from my base. The screen goes blank, I do the work around for XBox (go in and delete saves), restart my console and guess what. I’m on top of the ground at the mine which is there. But then I get the dreaded notice, my sleeping bag is gone. So I go back to my base and sure enough, very large portions are gone. Funny thing though, only the parts that contain my workbenches and storage.


I purposely spread them out and mined a long distance from my base, on a theory that it didn’t matter where/what you were doing when the MD5 happened it always took your items. I was right, this is the second game I have tried this on and it doesn’t matter how far away I am from the base it always takes workbenches and storage.


Don’t you think before you add more stuff to glitch out this game you should concentrate on fixing it first. I get I’m not a PC person, but I still paid for it. And please don’t tell me they are working on it, that just gets old. And I’m afraid I just don’t believe it anymore.

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Hi wildangel55,


I am sorry to hear you've been hit with the MD5 error so many times. I am also sorry to hear that the workaround has not worked for you to avoid MD5s. From the players who found it I have heard timing is crucial, but if you are finding it never works for you, those members of the community may be able to help you out.


Thank you for taking the time to write this report, I really do appreciate all the information you have given, and I will add the note of you finding your MD5s are centered around the crafting stations to the report.


Multiple groups in the console team work on the game, when adding new items, bug fixes do not stop and the MD5 error is one of the top priorities for the team. The past few patches have been focusing more on bug fixes - especially those reported by the community. Some fixes unfortunately take longer than others, with the MD5 error, most of the triggers have been removed by MD5 fixes in previous patched (They're often in patches without them being contained in the notes). I understand the frustration these errors can cause, but I can also understand that hearing or seeing the same response multiple times across the forums gets frustrating and stale for the community, however, those are the responses and the answers. This is a high priority issue and the team are working to remove the last of the MD5 triggers, they have not given up on this bug.


Thank you again for submitting your report, we do appreciate all information from the community on this issue.


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How about they take all the people on the "new content" team and add them to the "make the game playable on console" team until the game we paid for is, you know, playable. Then maybe they can make a new team called "the game doesn't crash every hour" so we don't spend 5-10 minutes every hour restarting the game and sending out invites. Then everyone can move back to the new content team.


(A bit salty. In the last few days we've been hit with two partial MD5's, a minibike dupe/wipe toolbar, minibike buried underground, etc. Lost all our money over 60k, multiple guns etc, etc, etc.)

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