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Flaming Hollow Creature, micromod


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Was playing around with UMA a little and came up with.... something a little interesting. Uncertain if anyone else will enjoy it, but I figured I'd share. Describing what it is and what it does is a bit tricky. It burns. Just load it up and see for yourself. Included are 4 xmls that you can write into the config file on a -vanilla- copy of 7dtd, along with a txt containing all the additions that you can just paste into any version of the xmls. Though be sure to check if the mod you are using has already used item id="71", and if it has use a different number. Any number that hasn't been used will suffice.


Once in game, spawn it with console tools. Preferably at night.


Google Drive link:




And a very jenky pic, as I am failing to get screencap to work right:




Idk how to do the cool code fragment spoiler box, or I would just include the txt of the code here...


And yes, if you look at the archetype, it is a very weird collection of nonsense. I was playing around with what happens when you put in values that don't belong, and this was the result of my tinkering. If people find it interesting, I may tinker with it more to get it looking a little less silly in the light.

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