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Items randomly changing?


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So, I have been playing a NAV map with a buddy for 16 game days, long settings, just trying to get used to all the new stuff. Things are going okay for the most part. Not going to starve or anything, and found some quality items looting.


Twice now, I have noticed some of my loot either disappeared, or randomly changed.


Instance 1: Buddy joins my game after a few hours session. We are out not far from base, and almost overwhelmed by a wandering heard. Take some damage, but not too bad, and seeing as we weren't far from base, my buddy runs back to recover some health. I tell him which box I had health kits in, and he is off. Gets back to base. No health kits. None in any of the boxes. Weird, as i know I had almost 2 full stacks. So it's not like he used them all and just didn't say anything.


Instance 2: flash forward a few game days. Just finished hiding out for horde night 2. I unload all my extra stuff from mining and what not, and we head out. Figured I would hit the crack a book for the second time. Respawn at 10 days, hit it day one. Find a few things, drop off at a chest I have near there, and head north. Find a few car carcasses, and go to take em apart... No wrench. Wtf? I always have a wrench on me. No bid deal, figured I left it by accident. My boy got my back... Anyway, finish off a solid day of looting, and head back home. No wrench in any of my chests.. it's late, but I got time. Head to my drop off box, figure maybe I dropped it there on accident. Nope.. just gone. Mind you, this was a lvl 522 wrench I came across on day 3/4. It literally vanished. No where to be found.


I guess my question is, has anyone else had this issue? I play on Xbox. Private game, and it's not just someone I invited to play with, it's a real life friend. We don't screw with each other's items.


Kinda upset over the wrench. Not often do you get one such high level early on in the game. Oh well.

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Chance your buddy picked up a whole stack of first aid health and didn't put the rest back while signing off. As for the wrench hard to say. Did your buddy borrow it? Did it break and get scrapped? Accidentally dropped it? Did you use the wrench to make a workbench? Workbench uses 1 wrench part of the ingredients. Did either of ya get killed? The backpack would have any of this stuff if ya died. Or possibly its a MD5 bug where you lost some time and anything you found within that time.

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