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Tom´S Roundhouse V16.4 Download


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Hello to all,

my redone House is ready now, not perfect, but ready with air for little updates ^^

It´s my House with the biggest possibilities to play in it.

A lot of Rooms to loot, a secret hidden Treasure-Room and some new Ideas of building.

The Loot you must fight for, and hurry. (Think of all the Glass there :)

There are a lot of Sleepers for midgame i think to protect this House.


So lets go, here is the Download link and have Fun




And here also some Pics if you dont like surprises ^^


The House from above



In this Picture you can see my Beamer ^^

If you activate the Spotlight by additing Batteries, Solarwafers, cables

and sending the light through the small Letters you can see

a big Logo especially in the Night.



Here you can see the Innerround-Garden



Here is the Bar for your Leisure after Work



and the Lumberroom



surely there are a lot of other Rooms like

Sleeping Room, Sports Room, Working Room, Library, Fireplace Room,

Whirlpool, TV-Room, Meeting-Place and more to look in...

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