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Live Stream 6/20


I am really enjoying Alpha 16 even though I am dying ALL THE TIME. I had my first horde night.

I survived even though I wasn't very prepared. Didn't matter I wasn't prepared since I died so often I didn't have many zombies, haha. Check out the stream! Next stream is 6/22 at 7pm eastern time. Streaming to YouTube and Twitch. These are the links to my most recent streams! https://youtu.be/08SpF7l21po

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Live Streaming Schedule!

So I have come up with a summer stream schedule. I can't say it is set in stone since my work schedule changes from week to week. The schedule will also change when school is in session since I homeschool my youngest child. If there are changes I will post the changes weekly if need be. All times are eastern! Oh and ending times may vary especially since it is summer time and I don't have to get up early.


Sunday 7pm to 10pm

Monday 12pm to 3pm

Tuesday 7pm to 10pm

Thursday 7pm to 10pm

Friday 12pm to 3pm


I hope to see you in a stream some time. Thanks for all your support guys and gals, it's always appreciated!



Made a change to the stream schedule. I have dropped Wednesday morning!

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Latest 7DTD Stream


My latest stream, oh and GameEdged stopped in the stream, that was awesome! My next 7DTD stream will be Tuesday, June 27 at 7pm Eastern. Come hang out with me and my community, we'd love to have you. Please keep in mind most of my people watch me on YouTube so if you watch on Twitch you're less likely to have company! If you like Elder Scrolls I will be streaming that on Monday, June 26 at 12pm eastern time.







My YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9e00rGD9UoDd3vmCa5MMQ


My Twitch link:

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I just wanted to remind anyone follow me here that I will not be streaming this evening. I am scheduled to work 5pm to 1am. Sorry guys and gals. Like I said I can't have a set schedule since the days I work changes from week to week. Thanks for all your support though. I appreciate it, truly! Have a great day!

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Latest Stream 6/30/2017 Part 1 and Part 2


So yeah I did a stream today. Had a blast as always! LOVE 7DTD! Had my first A16 horde! Check it out! Oh and I don't think I am going to stream to Twitch since I don't have people watch me there. If people do start watching there I will stream there. I had to break this up into two stream since steam decided to update Rust in the middle of my first stream. Thanks for all your support!


Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RMlzi4j_sM


Part 2 https://youtu.be/ewkIDQ7wUUY

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Sorry busy week this week so I haven't been able to stream. I'll be back to it soon, got my work schedule for the next week so I will post the stream days soon. Keep in mind my work schedule goes from Friday to Thur. I am only scheduled Friday night. I am only streaming to YouTube for now, sadly people don't watch on Twitch.

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Multiple Streams


Hey Fellow Zombie Slayers,


I have been busy streaming this past week, Aug 21 - Aug 25. Please check the streams out either on YouTube or Twitch, links below. Thanks for your support! I'd love to have you join me for stream some time. I am always in need of advice and tips from you pro 7DTD gamers.


Twitch link:


YouTube 7DTD Live Stream Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hOFewcHjYo&list=PL52XjmRyL-8mrVdEyvuIT8E5wZpFD5UxF

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