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Weekly Game, May 12th till May 18th.

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Ok, so health is still an issue, and a big one, but will be starting this week's game today, so I can start posting part of it hear tonight.


As always, he concept of these weekly games is to play a character from birth to Hoard Night death(s), and then start all over again the next week and try to improve week after week.  I'm currently making videos for inclusion, and hope to get the sound setting set so anyone watching can hear the game sounds while watching.

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First attempt at a 7DTD video, crosses fingers.

Setup video, test.

Hope this works.  All I'm trying to do is provide a video too cover the setting up of my current game, that will be played from May the 12th until May the 18th, and then I'll move on to the next playthrough.


Let me know all the ways my video start needs improving on.

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About the game:

I am focusing on new players and (Potential new players), and as such I am going to play a series of games that run from spawn till Hoard Night, just to get folks used to what they also can do in the first week of their character's life.


So, if you came here seeking a video made by a master player, keep looking, as this thread/video is not for you!

By playing the Vanilla game, with the easiest settings (NOT default), It is my hope to help folks learn a bit about playing the game.

My own playstyle is that of the guy that digs in, and builds a bigger and better base.  I know, even with my limited experience, that the best defense for my home/castle, is not to be in it when the Zombies come a calling come Hoard night.


My loves of this game are Building, Crafting, Exploring, Mapping and learning how to better do a weeks gaming, and then going back, on the exact same map, and doing it all again, but better each time through.


As I learn about the game, I'm also going to learn how to write threads, and make videos

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Posted (edited)

Your video is Private. You need to set to Public. Otherwise, good job getting YouTube set up and video uploaded.


My YouTube channel exists for the sole purpose of sharing clips of this game on forums.😐


I am not a content creator at all, I just like to make points and win arguments. 

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5 hours ago, Catdaddy said:

Your video is Private. You need to set to Public. Otherwise, good job getting YouTube set up and video uploaded.


My YouTube channel exists for the sole purpose of sharing clips of this game on forums.😐


I am not a content creator at all, I just like to make points and win arguments. 

My bad.  I totally forgot I made a youtube channel back in the day, and didn't know that "The Cloud" wasn't some separate thing all it's own.  It's going to take some time to get the hang of only playing for a bit, and making a (short) video, an then posting here.


I (may) have fixed the issue with the private taken off, if so perhaps now you can actually see the content?  Hoping that at least the sound volumes are not to loud/quiet.

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I'm finding the greatest difficulty is in making a short video, as once I start playing, it might be an hour before I realize that the recording is still going on.  Until I learn some self control, or how to crop my videos, I have several hours of video of me playing, but want to learn how to stay focused on making these threads, as opposed to just playing the game.


I made it to the end of day two, and Here are my character's points up to this point.

End of day 2 - Points


I'm wanting to provide a (short) video walkthrough of my base, but right now It is just a set of 4 walls w/o a roof, though I do have a triple door.  Every time I start trying to make a short video, I end up an hour or so later on, and completely lose track of time.  I'm going back in, and try to just do a quick little base overview.

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5 hours ago, Catdaddy said:


Yep, that did it,

Ok, and thanks for helping me to know that the video is now viewable.


Now that anyone that comes here can see what this game playthrough is using as a base, game setting wise, any feedback on the video length, sound quality, or the covered stuff?


Keep in mind that my game is already in day 3 (of 7), and I'm trying to learn how to make (short) videos that will help folks follow along.  Should I Make myself stop playing (and at what point) and make updates here?  If so, lets get when I need to take a break from playing and start posting.  Some of my thoughts for potential game-points to stop and post my progress could be:


1)  After completing starter quest/first 4 skill points.

2)  After reaching the initial Trader, and getting first Quest.

3)  At the end of each day, between 2200 hours and 0400 hours.


Help me come up with a plan to keep things moving forward, bur also giving needed/wanted content.  My continuing play ended up with multiple videos getting started, but I ended up playing for an hour (or more) before remembering that I am trying to do more than just play the game.  I'll need help in curbing my addiction to 7DTD, and remembering the readers.


I want to cover anything that folks really want/need to see, but to keep the videos as few and short as possible, while getting things going.  The only part that I plan on posting whole is hoard night, including a few minutes before 2200 hrs, and then maybe a bit after 0400 hrs, to go over "what just happened".  If my health and playing time work out, I may try fo day 14 to be covered in this thread as well, but I have to develop the needed self discipline to cover things properly while doing so.


So, thoughts and suggestions?

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Going over the "Capture" folders content, and sorting through it, I ended up with 10 videos in the day 1 subfolder, 5 in the day 2 folder, and 1 ind the day 3 folder, and that is as far as I got so far.  Unfortunately, the deeper in I got, the longer the videos got.  As I don't know how to edit/crop my videos yet, I think all videos need to be less than 5 minutes, and even then, most should be at or under 1 minute in length, with the only potential exception being the grand finale of Hoard night itself.


That being said, the 10th recording went on for just over an hour (real time), so there is the problem.  My game time settings are 120 minute days, so how did I manage that!?!?  I have to go and rewatch all ten of the day 1 videos to figure this out, but I have to figure I'm recording while the game is paused.  The second video took 3 minutes, and that was supposed to just be completion of initial quest, and the one after that, the video lasted over 20 minutes.  So while I have videos, until/unless I learn to cut them down to size, they will not make an appearance here.  Looking at their contents...


1st through 5th videos are part of testing sound setting pre-game, with the remaining videos breaking down to:

1)  Initial start, 2+ minute length, pregame setup, posted above.

2)  First quest, 3+ minute length, ~0800 hrs start time.

3)  On the way to the trader, 26+ minute length, 0917 hrs start time.

4)  First PoI, 46+ minute length, 1328 hours start time.

5)  Final day one video, 1 hr 12 minute length, 2240 hours start time.


So, of the ten videos I made the first game day, five turned out not to be within my characters lifespan, but rather before his initial spawning.  Will update day two's video breakdown after dinner.  Of these, I feel that only the first two videos are brief enough to potentially post here, but very much needs to be improved in both these videos.  If folks want to see an overly long, 3+ minute video that is very much the work of an amature, say the word and I'll be happy to post it, but be warned, it's bad.

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I just drank the "Monster" energy drink I picked up when I ran to the store earlier today, and sleep and hunger have retreated, but $3 per can is hard to see becoming a regular thing.  I'm going over game day 2's five videos now.


1)  1058 hrs, <1 minute.  Short enough to actually post.

2)  1311 hrs, < 1 minute.  Short enough to post.

3)  1329 hrs, > 59 minutes.  Way to long to post, but maybe I can learn to edit videos and make a useful video out of that.

4)  2336 hrs, < 1 minute, short enough for posting.

5)  2345 hrs, >5 minutes, this stretches the bounds of what I want to try to include in this thread.  This video actually goes into day 3.


My take away thoughts, 1,2,and 4 can be uploaded, and I won't feel bad for potentially raking up folks time, the 5th one is possible, but the 3rd one is right out.


The first video for day two, a lesson learned (If I can keep this in mind) is that I have a pause button, so I can always set up the screen so the time/date are not just showing, but with a dark enough background that even my (very poor) eyesight can make that out when I open the video.  When I shot that video, I didn't do that, so there is one improvement I can try to make going forward.  On that note, how long do I have to get things together, before {Retail version 1.0} goes live?  I would like to have things gotten at least semi-pro by that time.  I want to be able to include some character point of view fiction/humor in my writings, and hopefully, with the help of the community, I'll be able to grow both as a player, poster, and writer, and it would be great if I could do this before retail launches.


For Day 3, I have just the one video (so far). 


1)  0818 hrs, just > 3 minutes long.  I can post this, but I was noticeably slurring my speech, and failed to do anything more then cover (badly) my guys point investments.  The first stroke (last May)only briefly caused my speech to be affected, but the recent second stroke is still messing with my speech.  I'll have to work around this, so sorry if I sometimes sound like I've been drinking.


Should I just go ahead and publish and link to the videos that are arguably short enough to post here, so that I can get the feedback that will help me to improve things?


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Ok, I did give some time for folks to object to videos longer than one minute, so unless I hear a naysayer respond, I'll proceed with posting all the ~ one minute clips, as well as (to my thinking, kinda long) ~ 3-5 minute videos.  This means that video #2 fromw game day, four of Day 2's five videos, and the video from the morning of Day 3, are about to be uploaded and linked here.  One last question, though.  Is it allowed to link directly from my YouTube account to these forums?  As my foggy brain begins to recall memories of what seems a lifetime ago, back when I used a webcam to make some videos of a board game called "Axis & Allies" (which can now be played on computer these days), I seem to recall that this may or may not be allowed.  So, can I post a link to these forums on my YouTube page?

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Thursday, May 16th, 2024. 0353 hours.




It's hoard night in this weeks game, I have 13 unspent skill points, how should I spend them?  In game, it is after 1900 hours on day 7.


House Rules:

1)  No firearms!

2)  No Batons, Bats, , clubs, Sledge hammers..

3)  Bows are ok.

4)  No armor I don't make myself.


Given the above restrictions, and once the video is done publishing, let me know what you all think I should invest my 13 points on.

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Ok, some lessons I have learned while trying to match playing, posting, and publishing.


On the YouTube site side of things, I need to spend some time learning how to get things organized, as keeping each weeks game videos separated is already a problem that I expect is only going to get worse as time goes on.  For instance, how do I make sure the the videos only appear in proper order?  Can I put them into weekly game folders, and have daily folders within the weekly folders?


On the forums, looking over the first three weekly games, I am sadly lacking anything like a good (even badly done) comprehensive overview of what is going on in my game.  Things like, where I am spending my points on, and why.  How do I interact with the Trader, Where and how do I build my base(s),  How do I explore and map my game?  How am I going to use the proceeding weeks games, to help me improve my playing, my threads, and the videos that I make?


Any way, I'll try to publish what videos I have, and then off to play hoard night.


On hoard night, I'm wanting a video that covers the whole thing but at 120 minutes/game day, hoard night will take 30 minutes.


Here are links for what videos I have published to youtube so far.



Day 3

There are three videos for Day three, and here we go.

Start of Day 3

And later on that day...

Day 3, early evening.

and just right after that...

Not sure why two vids, buy hey, I'm trying to learn.



Day 4


First video of the day...

first video of Day 4. &nbsp;Near noon.

And that evening...

End of day 4, a base overview.


And that is all the videos that I made until Day 7, as I then went and just got (lost again) in the fun of playing, and nothing got recorded until Day 7.



Day 5

Nothing recorded, and no tontes taken.  My bad, and will try to do better going forward.

Day 6

Same as Day 5, and have to look forward while remembering my past failures.


Day 7

Here is where this week's game is, and a bit better coverage.

Ahha!  If I post the video within a link, I get a text link to a video, but as was demonstrated upthread (and only now, did I figure this out), I can just paste the video directly into the thread, and then folks can see it.  I feel stupid, but hey, I got it now, lol.

I did this badly, what with the timing and all.  I intended to give folks time to look over things and put their comment in, but now I'm just going to play out Hoard night, and will have to try to improve how next weeks game in played/published/posted.  Only way to learn how to do this is to do it, make mistakes, learn from them, and then do better for next week's game.


Hoard night awaits!





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A couple shorts, then the Main event, and a post mission AAR (After Action Review).  This thread is the third game/thread in the series, using Alpha 21.  By the time retail rolls around, I plan to still do weekly threads, but who knows how the game, and my playstyle will change.  I hope to have my playing under control, get some skills with writing, better videos, and then being able to play/post/publish in a timely fashion, so stay tuned folks, things are only going to be getting better.


Day 7

Last minute stuff video 1

Last minute stuff video 2

Hoard Night

Disaster---Video too big!

Wrap-up of this week's game/thread.

So, the 30+ minute Hoard Night video took 2 hours to tell me it was to big.

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