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"CallGameEvent" doubt

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Hello community, I am creating a buff that executes the "callgameevent" "event" parameter. The buff generates a supply box similar to "sc_General". It works but I don't know why some players can't pick up the supply box.

		<action_sequence name="Accion_Premio">
			<property name="allow_user_trigger" value="false"/>
			<property name="category" value="twitch_actions"/>
			<action class="SpawnContainer">
				<property name="entity_names" value="Caja_Premio_Spawn" param1="cratename"/>
				<property name="spawn_count" value="1" param1="spawncount"/>
				<property name="air_spawn" value="true" param1="airspawn"/>
				<property name="safe_spawn" value="true"/>
				<property name="min_distance" value="4"/>
				<property name="max_distance" value="20"/>
				<property name="yoffset" value="150"/>

That's how I have it, I want anyone to be able to pick up the box but it happens that only some can. I'm missing something in those parameters, I've been dealing with this for days.

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