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Any interest in straight Vanilla 40ish slot servers?


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I'm just gauging interest in something like this because I'm not happy with all the QoL features that the more popular servers (like Salty for example) add to their games like:


Teleports (eww)

Larger Backpacks

Increased XP

Increased Loot

Donor perks like personal traders or city plots

Special coins to buy overpowered items


This is a zombie survival game after all, not "let's see how easy we can make this game".  I get it though, some people want easy mode, but some people don't.  That's where you and I come in. There were many of these servers around the A16 era and slowly fell away because multiplayer play continued to get punished by TFP.  I want to try it again and see how it is now.


Such a server would have:

Vanilla settings, medium difficulty (or maybe just 1 past medium)

90 minute day/night cycle (60 minutes doesn't seem to work as well on multiplayer)

Random gen map

That's about it.  I would only consider mods if it increases immersion.


IMHO the game is much better when server communities organically form their own player cities, shop hubs, community horde bases, etc.


If there seems to be a decent amount of interest I'll probably get one going.  If not, will you point me to a server that has this?




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