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[A21]BBBBilly's Mod Collection


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Welcome to my mod collection, and now I will continue to update mini mods, dedicated to freely customizing games.

If you have any good ideas, feel free to leave a message, and I will create it for you.

All Mods are in XML format and can be applied to SP/MP.

My English is not very good, I hope you can understand what I mean.


Download Link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1I3xaJdLv8OIQDqoiF4IUOcY12IT2kJXk?usp=sharing


Charismatic Nature On Yourself

Let your Charismatic Nature work on yourself. Lord Edition unlock the General rank bonus to make you stronger!


Remember Attack Head

Attack zombie bodies only causes 50% damage.


Faster Bicycles

Bicycles as fast as minibike.


Eat Coffee Beans

Allow eat of coffee beans.


Drink Blood Bag

Allow drink of blood bag.


Generator Fuel Max

Increase fuel max for generator.


Eat Bear Egg

I think the name of this mod should be easier to understand.

Testosterone Extract has become more expensive, worth more than diamonds, and you can increase your EXP by consuming it.


Reduce Damage Human

Reduce damage to humans by 50%. Preserve friendly damage activation and prevent instant killing of allies. PVP battles can also be extended.


Powerful Zombie

Zombies and animals can knock you unconscious or slow you down. You won't want to go to wasteland, it will be a nightmare.


Powerful Boar

Wild boar are bigger and stronger, be careful, they may knock you down.


Faster Run

Increase running speed by 10%.


Stamina Run

Running consumes less stamina. (as “Hiker”perkRank1)


Campfire Heal

Allow the campfire to heal you.


Better Primitive Bow

Strengthen primitive bow to enhance their entity damage and projectile velocity.


Unlock All Carry Slots

Unlock your all carry slots, no further action is required, implemented through a hidden permanent buff.

Even if you use the oversized backpack mod and other XUI.

This idea comes from @CajunBeauty



If you like my work, please cheer for me. Your support is my motivation for updating.

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