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  1. Hello, I'm BBBBilly. The COVID-19 has made me an inventor. This simple and practical mod is Suitable for players who like to search resources repeatedly. Effect:Whether it's food pile, ammunition pile or medicine pile, they won't be destroyed after you search. It can also be applied to the server. Have a good time✨ Inspired by: JaxTeller718——Trash Piles Destroy on Loot 7DTD_BBBBilly's Pile.rar
  2. Do you have discord, sir? Maybe I can help you.
  3. You are welcome. You can also look at my other works. Maybe you will find something you are interested in.
  4. Hello, I'm BBBBilly. Today I've brought you a simple mod, but I don't think most people will use it. It's only applicable to special servers, or you just want them to shut up. Function: no matter you press t or change the chat key to something else, it just doesn't exist. Note: this does not disable voice. A friend asked me to do this mod, and I'm sharing it now. Seriously, what I think is that God doesn't let people build the tower of Babel and make their language confusing. Maybe it's inspiration. 7DTD_No Chat.rar
  5. Hey guys, I'm your good friend BBBBilly. I've brought you a simple and practical mod - Disable Potted Plant. This simple mod can Prevent potted plants from being made and picked up, so as to prevent bad guy from using potted plants to commit crimes, such as using perspective bugs or shooting underground. This mod is very suitable for servers! In fact, I don't quite understand why Pimps don't fix this bug? My English is so poor! I hope you can understand what I'm talking about! If this mod helps you, please cheer for me! 7DTD_Disable Potted Plant.rar
  6. Oh, I think I'm in the wrong place. I'm a computer player. Excuse me, how to delete this post?
  7. hello,how to do it"No Raid PVP"?Can't they attack each other?
  8. Hello everyone, I am a server administrator, I need your help. My server is a PvP survival server. I think we need a neutral zone so that they can't attack each other so that they can trade freely instead of shooting at each other. Is there any good way? In addition, I need a way to prevent sleeping bags from being put in prefabs.
  9. Hello, I'm just here, and I'm going to share some simple and practical mods that are designed for my server, but also for single player games. My English is very poor, I hope you can understand what I want to express. Author: BBBBilly 1.DeepDark Make the night darker, especially indoors and in the shadows.Tips:Mandatory, can be applied to the server!It works for everyone! No matter how much gamma you have. 7DTD_DeepDark.rar 2.Medical improvement Make ordinary bandage can also restore a small amount of health, not to let you helpless. And it can provide
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