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The Hierarchy of lootcontainers.xml?

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So here's what I think the hierarchical structure of lootcontainers.xml looks like. I wanted to post it here to see if it's right and if it is right that it can be shared with others: 


Each line represents a unique hierarchic structure within the xml file -- I hope:


├── loot_settings
├── lootcontainer
│   └── item
├── lootgroup
│   └── item
├── lootprobtemplates
│   └── lootprobtemplate
│       └── loot
├── lootqualitytemplates
│   └── lootqualitytemplate
│       └── qualitytemplate
│           └── loot


I'll bet this is posted somewhere convenient already but I didn't come across it. Sorry if it's a repeat.

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