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Minigames: chess, card games, slot machines, roulette tables, etc


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I've been playing since I believe A12 or something, and one thing my friends and I always run into is wanting to find some little ways to pass the time occasionally. We always wish there was a way to play some gambling games against/with each other at the base, or some basic 2 player games such as chess which could allow a player to activate the game table to take their turn when it is their turn so they can make a move, not allowing any other moves to be made until the next players move is made, even if a few in-game days later.

The big thing is gambling. We want to risk our dukes and hate each other, and even ourselves.

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Yes, since the currency is casino tokens, it would be fun to have a gambling mini-game or something like that, and it would be a good way to create a worldview. Players could play poker with each other for tokens. It would also be fun to have players wager not only tokens, but also bullets and resources.

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