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46 Mods Later... Modding Tool


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Hey everyone!


Here's a new rebooted version of DMT by Hal9000 that works for Alpha 21.  It does what Harmony cannot.  Only for advanced modding purposes such as virtualizing or publicizing methods and properties to allow the creation of derived classes for base classes like EntityVehicle.  The only other change is the addition of the ModManager.LoadMods method moved to an earlier place to allow for harmony mods to override most MonoBehaviour scripts/methods before they run.


This is not a replacement for the built-in Harmony system that the Fun Pimps put in place, which I greatly appreciate ❤️  but just to enhance certain mods that a small number(all two) of us would like to release without writing Harmony patches for every single method in a class :D  ;)  ❤️


Anywho, hope you like it and let me know if you have any feedback or issues.


Current version 1.1 - Updated: 11/02/2023

Download at  Github Repo  - Direct Link to release:  v1.1-46ModsLater




Join us on Discord:  https://discord.gg/DN33qqM7am


Love you all ❤️



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Updated to version 1.1 (see edit history)
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  • TormentedEmu changed the title to 46 Mods Later... Modding Tool
Update to version 1.1
Added ability to optionally load mods earlier in the life of the game using a derived mod manager class to override the base game's methods.

Added an optional link method to the IPatcherMod class to mimic SDX/DMT

Added a utility class and methods
Refactored some code
Updated the NLog.config to display colored text




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