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How to make towns bigger in alpha 18 with the rwgmixer.xml


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I apologize that this might require some time travelling for y’all. So I went back and started playing alpha 17 again and I generated a 16k world and I noticed that the towns were massive. So then I decided I wanted a world like that when I re-revisit alpha 18 and so I generated a large world to use for a future playthrough and I noticed that the alpha 18 towns are tiny in comparison. (Image 1 is alpha 17, image 2 is alpha 18). I can’t imagine that the world size is really making that much of difference I mean I know the largest world size in alpha 18 is 8k but still. Those towns are so small. 

Can anyone tell me how I can edit the rwgmixer.xml to make the towns in alpha 18 bigger so I don’t have to use nitrogen? Or is there something in the Alpha 17 xml’s that I can use to accomplish this? I can’t really make heads or tails of the rwgmixer in these alphas IMG_6289.thumb.jpeg.8067510be2f803c752de4568e3e4f578.jpeg


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