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[A20] khzmusik's Human NPC Prefabs


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NPC Prefab modlets


I am very pleased to release a series of prefabs that are designed for human NPCs. Each modlet is dedicated to one faction (like bandits or Whisperers).


Requirements for all NPC Prefab modlets


These POIs are designed to be used with SCore and NPC Core.



NPC Core


SCore and NPC Core have custom C# code and assets. They must be installed on both clients and servers. You must turn EAC off when launching the game.


By default, NPCs in sleeper volumes spawn in "always awake." I find it better if they obey the rules of the sleeper volumes. If this sounds like something you want, then I recommend also installing this modlet:


Variable NPC Sleepers

  • Git repo
  • Download (copy only the 2-khzmusik_variable_NPC_sleepers subfolder into your Mods folder)


Each POI modlet should have related NPC Packs installed. I will talk about them in the relevant prefab section of this post.


If you want the POIs, but do not want NPCs, then see the instructions at the end of the post.


Included with each prefab modlet


  • Prefabs (currently just POIs - future modlets may also have RWG tiles, parts, or decorations)
    • There should be at least one prefab for each tier
    • Most prefabs support fetch and clear quests
  • Localizations for each prefab (see the end of the post for support)
  • Loading screen background images (these are the screenshots you see in this post)


Like all modlets that contain prefabs, these modlets must be installed on both clients and servers.


Bandit POIs


This modlet contains these Bandit POIs:


  • Bandit Ruins
  • Bandit Camp
  • Bandit Settlement
  • Bandit Oil Well
  • Bandit Theater
  • Bandit Oil Refinery


Repo: https://gitlab.com/karlgiesing/7d2d-a20-modlets/-/tree/main/3-khzmusik_NPC_Bandits_Prefabs 

Download:  https://gitlab.com/karlgiesing/7d2d-a20-modlets/-/archive/main/7d2d-a20-modlets-main.zip?path=3-khzmusik_NPC_Bandits_Prefabs (copy only the 3-khzmusik_NPC_Bandits_Prefabs subfolder into your Mods folder)


NPC Packs


While it will work with only SCore and NPC Core, the only Bandit NPC that comes with NPC Core is Harley. You will probably want to install NPC Packs that add additional bandits to the game.


I recommend these modlets:


Rogues and Psychos Pack

RaiderGurlz Pack

Raiderz Pack


To adjust the probabilities of the Raiderz and RaiderGurlz, so that they are properly gamestaged when spawned into POIs, I recommend also installing these progression modlets:


Progression modlet for RaiderGurlz Pack

Progression modlet for Raiderz Pack
















Whisperer POIs


This modlet contains these Whisperer POIs:


  • Whisperer Barn
  • Whisperer Campsite
  • Whisperer Church
  • Whisperers at Tumacácori
  • Whisperer Cathedral


Repo: https://gitlab.com/karlgiesing/7d2d-a20-modlets/-/tree/main/3-khzmusik_NPC_Whisperers_Prefabs 

Download:  https://gitlab.com/karlgiesing/7d2d-a20-modlets/-/archive/main/7d2d-a20-modlets-main.zip?path=3-khzmusik_NPC_Whisperers_Prefabs (copy only the 3-khzmusik_NPC_Whisperers_Prefabs subfolder into your Mods folder)


NPC Packs


You will need at least one NPC Pack that add Whisperers to the game. AFAIK I'm the only one that made one (but I would be happy to be wrong).


Whisperers NPC Pack:


















Spawning zombies instead of NPCs


If you don't want any NPCs in your game at all

If you want to use these prefabs, but don't want to install any NPCs into the game at all, then you can install this modlet:


NPC Prefabs Spawn Zombies

⚠ This modlet is incompatible with SCore and NPC Core. If you want to use those modlets, or if you use an overhaul or other mod that uses those modlets, you can not install this modlet.

That modlet uses XPath to modify XML files, and does not use custom C# code. It should be compatible with EAC. It does not contain any new assets (such as images or models). Servers should automatically push the XML modifications to their clients, so separate client installation should not be necessary.


(You still need to install the prefab modlets on both clients and servers.)


Editing the POIs to use zombies

If you want to have NPCs in the game, but want particular POIs to spawn zombies instead of NPCs, then you will need to edit the POIs in the 7D2D prefab editor.


This involves using zombie spawn groups rather, than NPCs spawn groups, in the sleeper volumes.


To do this:

  1. From the game's loading screen, select "Editing Tools".
  2. Select "Level/Prefab Editor".
  3. Once the prefab editor is open, hit "esc" to bring up the editing menus.
  4. On the top right, you will see the level tools window, with icons representing four tabs. Select the fourth tab (with the "house" icon). This opens the prefab browser.
  5. In the second search box, type in the name of the POI that you want to edit. You can also search for a partial name, like "whisperer", and select from the results.
  6. Click the "Load" button at the bottom to load the POI.
  7. In the level tools window, click the second tab (with the "hammer and brick" icon). This opens the Level Tools window.
  8. Check "Show Sleeper Volumes". The blue borders of the sleeper volumes should now show. (If they do not, try saving the POI - that usually fixes the issue.)
  9. Click "esc" to leave the editing menus.
  10. Select each sleeper volume by targeting it with your mouse and left-clicking it. You might need to have a block in your hand. Sometimes sleeper volumes can be tricky to select, just keep trying.
  11. With a sleeper volume selected, hit "k" to edit the sleeper volume. An editing window should open.
  12. In the search bar in the editing window, search for a different sleeper volume spawn group. If in doubt, a useful group is "Group Generic Zombie". For tougher POIs, you could use "Group Zom Badass" or "Group Zom Badass Only".
  13. Click on the spawn group name. In the upper-right hand window, the "Group:" should show the spawn group you selected.
  14. Repeat these steps for all the sleeper volumes in the POI.
  15. Save the POI.


This should be sufficient. If you load the POI, it should now spawn zombies rather than human NPCs.


If there are (invisible) SCore blocks in the prefab, then they will still be there; but this should not make any difference, since zombies ignore them.


The POIs might need to be rebalanced, since human NPCs are usually "tougher" than zombies. For example, a tier 3 NPC POI might be a tier 2 if spawning zombies. As such, the tier level may need to be adjusted in the prefab XML, or the loot might need to be nerfed.


But that is a matter of opinion, and you do not need to rebalance anything if you don't want to.


Localization support


These modlets include localized strings for the POI names. However, by default, the game does not support translating the names of prefabs.


Some overhaul mods (e.g. Undead Legacy) already have support for POI translations. If you are using one of those overhauls, you probably do not need to do anything.


If you're not using such an overhaul, or if it doesn't work in that overhaul, you can use this modlet:


Localize Prefabs


That modlet includes custom C# code. It must be installed on both clients and servers. You must turn EAC off when launching the game.


Stay tuned...


I am still working on more prefabs, so check occasionally to see if this thread has been updated.



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