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FEEL - A20 Modlets


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Hello fellow 7 Days to Die players!


I am excited to announce four new mods that are now available for download - the Feel Electricity mod, the Feel Starterkit mod, the Feel Vehicles mod, and the Feel Sounds mod.


The Feel Electricity mod, formerly known as the Solar Power Expansion mod, adds a range of new energy production and storage options, including solar panels, battery banks, wind turbines, and wire relays. These additions are designed to provide you with more efficient power distribution throughout your base, making it easier to power up your most critical structures.


The Feel Starterkit mod provides new players with a comprehensive set of resources and tools to get them started in the game. This mod includes essential items such as food, water, weapons, and building materials, as well as advanced tools like blueprints and schematic books to help players get started on their base building journey.


The Feel Vehicles mod introduces a new resource to the game, adding over 60 broken vehicles that can be scrapped for valuable parts and materials. This mod does not add new dangers to the game, but it does provide players with additional resources to help them survive and thrive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.


The Feel Sounds mod adds more sound effects to the game, including new alarm beeps and doorbell rings. These new sounds will help you bring your 7 Days to Die experience to life, making it even more immersive and engaging.


All four of these mods are designed to enhance your 7 Days to Die experience, providing you with new resources, upgrades, and opportunities to help you succeed in this unforgiving world. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the mod page and download the Feel Electricity, Feel Starterkit, Feel Vehicles, and Feel Sounds mods today!


Best regards,






Side notes

Please note that at this time, I have only tested the latest version of these mods on A20.6, and I do not support older versions.



Get the latest version on Nexus.










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Great news! I have just updated my mod collection and made significant improvements. In particular, I have added some new vending machines and ensured that the majority of mods are now Undead Legacy compatible. I invite you to check it out as soon as possible to experience the latest and greatest version of my mod collection.

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