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Non Dedicated Hosting, Windows 11, Alpha 20.6(b9), Robotic Drone Bug -Not Listed In XML-


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Hello.  I wanted to report a bug in Alpha 20.6(b9) when using the Robotic Drone.  While exploring a POI which I sadly forgot to activate because I was tired and ended up halfway up the building for no reason fighting zombies I died with my naked Robotic Drone.  It had no mods on it and I only just got it a game day ago.  After dying and coming back to my backpack I could not find the drone anywhere and I even looked up and down the entire building.  I had to use the dev console where I learned the drone dropped through to the bottom of the map where I had to no clip to recover it.  Something I abhor doing since even if its a technicality I was fixing it kills me to use cheats of any kind for any reason.  But it was far worse not knowing why the heck my drone was broken and not working.  Anyway,  Yes the drone still shows up on the compass so you can navigate normally to the x and y axis as normal but the fact it fell through the map to the bottom tells me this is a bug.  I also saw this reported in Steam forums but since its missing from the bug report XML I wanted to bring it to light.  I was able to fix this problem but if you are a client player like my friends you would probably be a very very salty player without no clip to fix it.  Cheers and a fantastic game so far otherwise :)

Other Details:

Hosting in game undedicated

WIndows 11

3 Players, one local player nearby and other was 2500 miles away

Broadband Internet 1GB speeds


I hope this information proves helpful

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