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User disconnects on LinuxGSM


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Hi Folks,


Need some assistance with what I think is some kind of networking issue.


Over the weekend I migrated my server (Old PC used for LAN games) from Windows To Debian. Everything appeared to have gone as expected, other than the fact that every 10 minutes, there is some kind of network issue which stops the connected users being re-authenticated, and everyone is kicked.


No issues connecting to begin with, or reconnecting after the kicks, only after playing for 10 minutes, and always kicks everyone at the same time.


So far I have tried;

Disabling mods and starting a new game to test with.

Disabling LiteNetLib, and enabling SteamNetworking. (Default was having LiteNetLib enabled and SteamNetworking disabled).

Enabling both LiteNetLib and Steam Networking.

Disabling both LiteNetLib and Steam Networking (Could not connect to the server in this case).


If LiteNetLib is enabled, the error is as below, before all of the normal player disconnecting.

[S]System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): Network is unreachable
  at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.SendTo (System.Byte[] buffer, System.Int32 offset, System.Int32 size, System.Net.Sockets.SocketFlags socketFlags, System.Net.EndPoint remoteEP) [0x00082] in <6fcfdd162b5d4836bef3c96f53194db6>:0 
  at LiteNetLib.NetSocket.SendTo (System.Byte[] data, System.Int32 offset, System.Int32 size, System.Net.IPEndPoint remoteEndPoint, System.Net.Sockets.SocketError& errorCode) [0x0002b] in <c2e4d66e3aab48d593dd7a40df526af4>:0 

2022-11-01T15:03:51 2591.619 ERR NET: LiteNetLib: Network error: NetworkUnreachable
2022-11-01T15:03:51 2591.651 INF NET: LiteNetLib: Client disconnect from: (NetworkUnreachable)


With SteamNetworking enabled, the error shows as;

2022-11-01T16:12:34 1540.375 INF [Steamworks.NET] Authentication callback. ID: 76561197964667833, owner: 0, result: k_EAuthSessionResponseAuthTicketCanceled
2022-11-01T16:12:34 1540.375 INF [Steamworks.NET] Kick player for invalid login: 76561197964667833 Ananais
2022-11-01T16:12:34 1540.376 INF [Auth] PlatformAuth authorization failed: EntityID=171, PltfmId='Steam_76561197964667833', CrossId='EOS_0002a6240a4c4321b8b489935b7355a8', OwnerID='Steam_0', PlayerName='Ananais'
2022-11-01T16:12:34 1540.384 INF Kicking player (Platform auth failed: AuthTicketCanceled): EntityID=171, PltfmId='Steam_76561197964667833', CrossId='EOS_0002a6240a4c4321b8b489935b7355a8', OwnerID='Steam_0', PlayerName='Ananais'
2022-11-01T16:12:34 1540.911 INF DynamicMusic: 171 successfully removed from Bloodmoon state cache


In both cases the initial authentication on login all shows as successful, the client logs only show the disconnected by server message.


I appreciate that this is likely something blocking the re-authentication rather than an issue with the game its self, but so far as I can Debian has no firewall installed by default (I am not experienced in linux), and a couple days worth of searching the internet have left me unsure of what to try next, so hoping someone may have an idea on here!





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