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  1. I would also be interested if anyone figures this out. I looked at it myself recently and could not figure out how to remove that 1 damage.
  2. Thanks Ill continue working under the presumption of this being correct unless something proves otherwise then. And nice tip on the localisations, I have not looked at that yet so certainly good to know!
  3. Hey, quick (And yes, very basic 😜) question for someone in the know, as I cannot seem to find this explicitly stated anywhere and just want to confirm; Would I be correct in saying that any modlet which contains only xml files in the Config folder is only required server side, and any which contains assets in other folders such as Prefabs/UIAtlases/Resources/etc. are required by both server and client? A.
  4. Nice one! Thanks for the quick fix 😁
  5. Hi Folks, trying out the vehicle pack mod and encountering something I cant figure out, the vehicles work perfectly (Really nice work!), but I cannot get the mechanic trader POI to load in as it is using a block named "spawnTJ2" which is unknown. Cant find anything googling this, and I am not long back to the game so figured it may be something that changed between 19.0 and 19.1? If anyone has an idea, let me know, the POI looks like fun but this one is over my head ^_^
  6. Come up with another one, though more throwing this out there in case its a bug than because its a real issue for me; Error in ApiHandler.HandleRequest(): Handler getlog threw an exception: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Now I know this time its something between the web interface for the log and the server; the map still works perfectly, but if I click to view the log I get nothing showing, hence the getlog entry in the error. Checking the log elsewhere I can see the above error repeated so long as I remain on the log page, if I switch b
  7. Hey guys, I just rented myself a server and have put Alloc's fixes on there. All running fine, but just wanted to check with you guys whether these 2 errors I am getting are anything worth looking into? This one pops up just once every now and again, highlighted in red in the log, seems to coincide roughly with me logging in; Error A client which was not in the connected player list disconnected. ??? This one pops up more frequently, sometimes a few of them, sometimes a lot, sometimes dont see them for a while at all; Log Error in Web.HandleRequest(): Remote host closed c
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