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Shady Grove - PvE Progression Server


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Shady Grove is a PvE challenge server with a focus on long-term progression.


We have many mods with no download required. Mods include action skills, EN zombies, challenge farming, immersive vendors, alchemy, H7SB seats and backpacks, Ranger Mod, nutrition buffs, and many more; some made especially for this server.  Guides for the modded elements available in-game by just typing "How To" into the crafting search.


We have a beautiful player shop area town with an inn, where players can claim space and build their own shops.


Wasteland is now an end game radiation zone with real radiation and extremely powerful zombies, as well as a T5 castle end-game POI.


No P2W.  No gameplay advantages for donators.  No unfair playing field at all.


Brand new server hardware.  Very fast; no lag; fast restarts.  Regular off-site backups.


Feel free to join our Discord at https://discord.gg/RuqsG6HxhN to get started, or jump right in: steam://connect/ShadyGrove.NightscapeGaming.com:26900



  • Version: A 20.6
  • Day Length: 2 hours
  • Night Length: 4 hour nights (22:00 - 02:00); traders open at 02:05
  • Loot Abundance: 85%
  • XP Multiplier: 75%
  • Land Claim Size: 70
  • Land Claim Count: 2
  • Bot Commands Available: waypoints, home teleports, bot currency, etc
  • Current Day: 184
  • Current Players: 2-3 that sign on daily; around 8 that sign on at least weekly
  • Game Duration: We'll run until corruption forces us to restart, then we'll do so with additional mods to explore and enjoy :)


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