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WARE Mod Weapons, Ammo & Resources Extension Mod


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I have made a new mod that contains over 20 new weapons, most a Rebar Melee weapon set, and a new gun, the Mini Spike Launcher with 2 custom sounds. It uses no gunpowder to craft ammo with. I have changed the sniper rifles ammo to 30.06 and added a High Explosive round. The shotguns also have 3 new types of ammo. Flechette, Tazer and Dragon's Breath. Also added the Holy Hand Grenade for all you Monty Python fans XD. I had to change the sniper and shotguns to launchers to fit the new ammo so I had to remove the firingmode tag from them. It causes the ammo to go negative after first shot. Over 15 new resources to craft and loot to accompany the new ammo and weapons. It's my first mod and I'm the only one working on/updating it! All models are hand created by me in Blender. I'm def not the best but I try!



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