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Some things I'd like to see.


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Swords would be sweet. A one-handed sword could function similar to a machete but a little slower, have a stab/thrust power attack, more damage per hit and more reach, but not as good at processing animals and wood. So it doesn't completely invalidate having a Knife or Machete with you


And two-handed sword just so blades have a two-handed equivalent. Most damage and reach of any blade but the slowest attack speed.


Different styles of sword as skins for each would be neat too.


And skin options for customizing some other weapons would be neat. such as medieval style Iron and Steel spears. having a clean version of The old bowie knife model for the hunting knife as an option. More machete styles. a more normal looking recurve bow skin for wooden bow. A Oneida Osprey style compound bow skin etc etc.

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