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Chill Day after Horde Night

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Greetings fellow modders,


Do you have any idea how to decrease the difficulty for the day after the horde night?


I would like to decrease the gamestage massively but I do not know if there is a way to change the gamestage via a buff or similiar?


My idea for the buff would be to give an invisible buff during horde night ( not removed by death) and once it is over, the buff for decreasing the gamestage would apply for a amount of time like 30-40 minutes.




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Any ideas are welcome.

In the buffs.xml I only find lootgamestage, but to alter the gamestage itself I didnt find a way.

Gamestages.xml or progression.xml are out because I want a time-limited change just for 1 in-game day.


Of course player armor and damage could be adjusted (and in exchange lower lootgamestage) but that would be a rather faulty approach.

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