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Getting Khaine/JaWoodle's Mega City modlet to work on a 6k Map.

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His Mega City mod is here, not sure if it was only made by him or if it was a mix of him and maybe Khaine? I think it was Khaine, sorry if it wasn't I'll edit the title to reflect.


Anyway, the problem is that I cannot get this mod to work on a 6K map to save my life, and I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I can generate on an 8K map no problem no matter the settings but with a 6K map it just generates wilderness POIs, regardless of if there are mountains, hills, or anything else. I feel like I'm going insane because he put in his youtube descriptions that he used a 6K map for his MegaCity playthrough, but like, idk. I've tried on all default settings, I've tried with Mountains set to 0, I've tried with Towns off and on. I enjoy 6K maps more since I only play SP games, so like idk what to do 😅


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