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Any way to avoid console warnings when XPath doesn't apply?

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As the title says. I remember back in A19, along with other improvements to modding, there was a rumor that there would be a way to do this.


Here's why I ask. I am porting over an A19 modlet with more trader dialog. In order to show longer statement text, I have to add some space to the "windowStatement" window, and move the "windowRespondentName" window up a bit.


But, I only have to do this with the vanilla window values. In particular, the NPCCore mod changes this window, and the longer statement text already works with those changes. Furthermore, if I use the same XML values as vanilla, the windows actually won't show at all because they're now in a different place on the screen.


Targeting only vanilla is pretty easy - I only target those XML window tags whose attributes (like "pos") have vanilla values. If they don't match, as in SCore, then the changes aren't applied - which is what I want to happen.


The problem is that if the XPath changes aren't applied, yellow warning messages show up in the console. It doesn't make any difference in a functional sense, everything still works as designed, but users looking in the console will see this and think something is wrong.


So I'd like to suppress these warnings if possible, and ideally only for those XPath changes (and not for warnings that were logged for other mods/modlets).


Does anyone know if this is possible? I know it's a long shot.

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